Learn How To How to Build a Successful Greenhouse Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Ultimate Greenhouse Guide Explains the Concept in an Easy & Comprehensive Manner.

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Greenhouse Guide Ebook

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Regular Price: Rs.1499

Today Price: Rs.349

What You Will Learn With This eBook (195 Pages)

History and Introduction of the Greenhouse
  • What is mean by the Greenhouse and How does it work
Types of Greenhouses
  • Greenhouses types – size, construction materials, ventilation, and energy consumption
  • Details about which kind of greenhouse is commonly used in India
Part of the Greenhouse and its function
  • Overview of Greenhouse parts and their function
Ten Tips for Greenhouse planning and pre-preparation success
  • Important tips before starting a greenhouse project
Selection of media for Greenhouse cultivation: Soil or Soilless
  • Types of media
  • Soil media details
  • Soilless media details
  • Soil or soilless, which media suitable for you
Greenhouse Water requirement and specification details
  • Which type (properties) of water is required for greenhouse crop
  • Greenhouse crop daily water requirements and details.
Irrigation system in the Greenhouse: Drip Irrigation, Automatic drip, and Micro-sprinkler irrigation
  • Drip irrigation system details
  • Automatic drip irrigation system details
  • Micro-sprinkler irrigation
  • Maintenance of drip irrigation system
Fertilizer management in Greenhouses
  • What are Fertilizers mean?
  • Types of fertilizers
  • Introduction to Fertigation
  • Major soluble fertilizers and their properties
  • Plant Nutrient Deficiency
Major Greenhouse Pests and Diseases
  • Greenhouse major pests in-depth details
  • Greenhouse major Disease in-depth details
Integrated pest management in Greenhouse
  • what integrated pest management
  • 14 rules should be strictly followed while using the integrated pest method
Important Greenhouse crops: Cultivation Guide and investment profitability analysis

Complete information regarding cultivation to the harvesting of major greenhouse crops with investment, and profitability analysis.

  • Gerbera
  • Rose
  • Carnation
  • Colour capsicum
  • Cucumber
Sales management in Greenhouse farming

Details about how to market greenhouse crops in domestic as well as in export market

Do's and Don'ts in Summer Season

Summer Season guidelines for how to maintain greenhouse crops for better yield.

Do's and Don’ts in winter days

Winter Season guidelines for how to maintain greenhouse crops for better yield.

Do's and Don'ts in in Rainy days

Rainy Season guidelines for how to maintain greenhouse crops for better yield.

Important tools required in Greenhouse farming

Details about ‘6’ must-have tools for greenhouse farmer

Subsidy and loan details for Greenhouse and shade net farming

Subsidy Details 

  • How much subsidy is available
  • Where to apply
  • List of documents required
  • Beneficiary selection criteria

Loan Details 

  • which type of bank suitable for a greenhouse loan
  • Bank interest rate
  • List of documents required
10 steps blueprint to start a successful Greenhouse business

This book provides information on how to start Greenhouse farming in 10 steps. By studying these steps, I can assure you that you will definitely begin Greenhouse farming successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve worked with more than a thousand clients over the past 10 years, and greenhouse beginners always ask the same questions. Here, we answer those questions.

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This book is interesting and helpful for a newbie like myself. Greenhouse guide book is simple and easy to understand for non-agriculturalists like me.
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Balakrishna Reddy
I just finished reading. I must say this is a must-read book. Mr. Amar sir has explained this very well How to start Greenhouse business steps by steps. It is worth buying
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Tripti Yadav
Just finished. admiring the clarity of the explanation and the step-by-step action plan Keep up the wonderful work; I will definitely use greenhouse. A Ten-step blueprint
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Harish Rana

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