1. Selection of soil and water 

  · Soil should be highly porous and well-drained. · Soil Ec more than 1 ms/cm. and pH 6.0 - 6.5 · Water Ec less than 0.8 ms/cm and pH 7  

2. Bed Preparation 

Raised beds are used for capsicum cultivation · Height: 1 foot (30 cm)  · Width: 3 feet (90 cm)  · Distance between two beds: 2 feet (60 cm) 

3. Nursery Making

Pro trays are mostly used for colour capsicum, and cocopeat is use as primary media which helps to reduce soil-born disease   

4. Colour Capsicum Plantation

Capsicum seedlings are planted in two rows on the same bed.  ● Seedlings - 45 to 50 cm.  ● Line-line - 50 cm.  

5. Intercultural operation

Capsicum grown in the Greenhouse is 10-12 months, and various intercultural operations are taken during this period. This is Trellising, Pruning, Training, Thinning of fruit

6. Harvesting

Harvesting of colour Capsicum fruits mainly starts 65 to 90 days after planting

7. Production

In a Greenhouse, a well-kept capsicum crop yields 5 to 7 kg per plant. The yield per square meter is between 13 kg and 18 kg.

8. Grading and packing

It is graded according to the size and weight of the fruit and packed according to market demand in a plastic bag or corrugated box