1. Test soil and Water

Rose  Plant Required   - · Soil should be highly porous and well-drained. · Soil Ec less than 1 ms/cm and pH 5.5 - 7 · Water Ec less than 0.8 ms/cm and pH 7

2. Polyhouse Construction 

To get export quality production from rose, it cultivates in Natural Vent Greenhouse  

3. Bed preparation 

Raised bed prepared -  · Bed height: 1.5 feet (45 cm)  · The width of the bed at the top: 90 cm  · The pathway between beds: 45 cm 

4. Plantation 

Rose plants usually are 5 to 6 weeks old budded plants used, Rose plant transplant at a distance Row- Row is 30 cm plant to plant 18cm 

5. Intercultural operation 

Rose required this special intercultural operation  Development of plant structure, bending in roses, Disbudding, and Pruning  

6. Harvesting

Rose Harvesting starts after 12- 15 weeks on the plantation. The average yield is 230 flowers per sq./meter. (8-9 plants) per year

7. Grading 

The length of the stem, the thickness of the stem, and the size of the bud are the three criteria that are used to grade roses. 

8. Packaging  

20 rose flowers are tied with a rubber band hen put between 300 and 500 flowers in each cardboard box.