1. Climate Requirement 

Strawberry crop requires a mild climate with temperatures between 15 °C -25 °C.

2. Soil Requirements 

· Soil should be highly porous and well-drained. · Soil with a pH between 5.5 – 7 and EC below 0.7mS/cm is ideal

3. Bed Preparation

A two-row system on one raised bed is helpful for strawberry cultivation. – Bed width: 60 cm – Pathway: 50 cm – Height: 45 cm

4. Mulching

Mulching is mainly used to maintain soil temperature and protect the roots from cold injury and fruit decay. 

5. Plantation 

Two rows are planted on one bed, a distance between 30 cm x 30 cm. The total plant population per acre is 24,000 plants.

6. Irrigation

1- 2 lateral lines of 16 mm, with dripper at every 30 cm and having the discharge of 2 or 4 liter/hour is used 

7. Intercultural Operation

Runner pruning, fruit thinning, and maintaining crop hygiene these intercultural operations required to be performed 

8. Harvesting

Harvesting starts in about 90 days. When Strawberry fruit gets 50% -75%, the natural crimson colour starts harvesting  

9. Grading and packing

It is graded according to the size and weight of the fruit and packed in the small plastic box