6 Tips for Hiring the Right Farming Recruiters

Finding employment is a complex task that requires determination to find the right employment opportunity for you. You need to apply to several employers, face rejection, and go through interviews before you land the job that suits you best. Hiring a farming recruiter can help ease the pressure and complexities that come with looking for employment.

Farming recruiters have the experience of finding the right match between employer and candidate. If you consider hiring a farming recruiter, you need to do some research to find the one that will work to provide the best outcome. Here are six tips for hiring the right farming recruiters.

  • Experience 

The experience that farming recruiters have pairing candidates with employers is telling of their expertise regarding matchmaking. The more experience that they have, the more they are in tune with the diverse fields in farming, the requirements, and the type of candidates that each employer requires. This expertise increases candidates’ chances of being paired up with the right employment in terms of their skills and the employer’s expectations, as well as their actual requirements. Dealing with recruiters who are still learning the dynamics of the field means that they still have room to grow, and you will be a part of the learning process.

  • Success Rate

When hiring farming recruiters, you should ask about their success rate. This can be done by asking how many people they facilitated a position for in the past three months, for example. The number of successful hires may give you a snapshot of their ability to pair you with an employer efficiently. If the number seems low given the specific duration, you may want to keep searching for recruiters who have a better success rate.

  • Analyse Communication Style 

The job of recruiters is to communicate with potential employers on your behalf. They have to present you with the best possible professional recommendation. This requires positive communication skills on their part. You can tell if recruiters can communicate positively based on your experience with them when you interact with them. If the recruiters seem enthusiastic and eager to work on your behalf, it may be safe to assume that they will equally positively state your ability to potential employers.

  • Consider the Questions They Ask 

Recruiters should ask you questions that indicate they need to know your working profile beyond what you present on paper. Questions that may be asked include your preferred working environment, your farming and skill enhancement goals, salary expectations, and motivators. Your responses to these questions give them a better inclination of the type of working space that you will work best in. If recruiters appear disinterested in information beyond the CV or application, you may want to look for recruiters who are genuinely interested in knowing your work profile for the benefit of the process.

  • Assess their Job Leads Knowledge 

The right farming recruiters are knowledgeable about the hiring scope and, in some cases, leads that are yet to be officially published. When you interact with recruiters, and it appears that they have little knowledge about the hiring scope, you might not get many leads. The point of hiring a recruiter is so that you get job leads that you otherwise wouldn’t have if left to a job search on your own. However, if recruiters can provide information that will positively direct you in the right employment direction frequently, your chances of getting hired will be high.

  • Online Reviews 

You can get a picture of the recruiting company if you carry out an online review. The more positive the reviews are about the company, the more confident you will be about your experience and hiring possibilities. The more negative the reviews are, the more you may need to tread with caution. However, it would help if you use your discretion when carrying out online reviews, as not all are positive.


When hiring farming recruiters, you need to look for those that will make job hunting less daunting and less complicated. You should take into consideration the experience that they have, as this indicates their level of expertise. The success rate is also telling about your chances of finding employment with the recruiters. Analyze how they interact with you and their interest in your employment history, as this will show how they may present your profile.

It would help if you considered the interest that they take in your profile by paying attention to the questions that they ask you. The more hiring opportunities they know about, the higher your chances of getting recruited. You can also do an online review about the recruiters to help you decide on whether you should hire them or not.

Amar Sawant is a Hi-tech farmer, professional Greenhouse consultant, and trainer. He works for more than nine years as an agri-entrepreneur.

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