How to start Sugarcane Farming

In India, Sugarcane is an important commercial crop and holds a prominent position as a cash crop; Sugarcane is the main source of sugar & jaggery. India is the world’s second-largest producer of sugar. It is one of the most important food-cum-cash crops grown in the country; sugarcane farming employs a larger number of people & also a significant role in earning foreign exchange.

Botanical Name and Economic Uses of Sugarcane in India

Family: Gramineae

Botanical Name: Saccharum officinarum

Climatic Condition for Sugarcane Farming: – Sugarcane is a tropical plant, and it is a long duration crop; and thus, it encounters all the seasons’ viz., rainy, winter and summer during its life cycle. The Sugarcane plant grows best in tropical hot sunny areas.

Top 10 Sugarcane Producing States: 2014-2015

1    Uttar Pradesh    138481

2    Maharashtra    81870

3    Karnataka    41895

4    Tamilnadu    24463

5    Bihar    14131

6    Gujarat    14060

7    Andhra Pradesh+ Telangana    13150

8    Haryana    7650

9    Punjab    7039

10    Uttarakhand    6135

Source :

Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture

Sugarcane Varieties

CoS.687, CoPant.84211, CoJ.64, CoLk.8001, Co.1148, CoS.767, CoS.802, CoC.671, CoC.85061, Co.8021, Co.6304, Co.1148, CoJ.79, CoS.767,  Co.740, CoM.7125, Co.7527, CoC.671, Co.740, Co.8014, Co.7804, Co.740, Co.8338, Co.6806, Co.6304, Co.7527, Co.6907, Co.7805, Co.7219, Co.7805, Co.8011

Suitable Soil for Sugarcane Farming:

Soil testing is important before sugarcane plantation. It helps in understanding the optimum quantity of macro and micronutrient requirements

A well-drained, deep, loamy soil with soil pH is about 6.5, but sugarcane can tolerate a considerable degree of soil acidity and alkalinity. Hence, it is found growing in soils with pH in the range of 5 to 8.5.

Sugarcane Planting Seasons across India:-

Time of Sugarcane Planting

PlantingTimeDurationAv. Yield
Suru / Eksali / Seasonal15th Jan – 15th Feb.12 months100 tons/ha.
Pre-seasonalOct – Nov15 months125 tons/ha.
AdsaliJuly – Aug18 months150 tons/ha.


sugarcane plantation methods

Sugarcane Farming

There is a vast number method for a sugarcane plantation,  in India, there is four method use for sugarcane plantation.

  1. Ridge and furrow method.
  2. Rayungan method.
  3. Trench or Jawa method
  4. Flatbed method


Sugarcane is a long duration crop, so he required high quantity manner & fertilizer •  The 25 to 50 tons of FYM/ha is applied during the preparation of land.

  • The recommended doses of fertilizers for Pre-seasonal Plantation, Seasonal Plantation and
  • Adsali Plantation for sugarcane crop is given below.


  1. Fertilizer Dose for Pre-seasonal Plantation (Dose per Hectare)
Time of ApplicationN (kg)P (kg)K (kg)FYM
1) At the time of planting (10 % N, 50 % P & K)35858535 tons/ha.
2) 6-8 weeks after (40 % N)140 
3) 8-12 weeks after (10% N)35 
4) 20-24 weeks after (40% N, 50% P & K)1408585 


  1. Fertilizer Dose for Seasonal Plantation (Dose per Hectare)
Time of ApplicationN (kg)P (kg)K (kg)FYM
1) At the time of planting (10% N, 50% P & K)25626225 tons/ha
2) 6-8 weeks after (40% N)100
3) 8-12 weeks after (10% N)25
4) 20-24 weeks after (40% N, 50 % P & K)1006363


  1. Fertilizer Dose for Adsali Plantation (Dose per Hectare)
Time of ApplicationN (kg)P (kg)K (kg)FYM
1) At the time of planting (10% N, 50 % P & K)45858550 tons/ha.
2) 6-8 weeks after   (40% N)180
3) 8-12 weeks after (10% N)45
4) 20-24 weeks after (40% N, 50%1808585



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