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Poultry Farming-beginner guide (2020)

poultry farming

In our country, there is a lot of demand for eggs all year, and according to the National Institute of Nutrition, every person should eat 180 eggs and 11 kg chicken in 1 year, whereas in our country, every person has eaten 53 eggs and 2.5 Kilograms chicken. So You can guess from this figure that the excellent scope for development of the poultry industry in our country

Many unemployed youths of the village want to start a poultry business, but they are scared to enter the poultry farming due to lack of information.

Before start  poultry business, every detail of this business should be known; such as raising the breed, more eggs can be produced at a lower cost,

Poultry Farming at backyard

Most farmers in our country produce backyard poultry farming for eggs and chicken meat, which they use only in the food of their family.

If these farmers convert their backyard poultry farming into a unit of commercial layer/broiler production, then make good earnings besides home food. Farmers have their land, and there is low cost to build the shed

Selection of poultry breeds


There are many poultry breeds available for the production of eggs in our country, but the climate of our country is not such that any strain will have more eggs at low cost, so choose a breed that You can produce well in the environment of your locality.

BV 300 to produce eggs, the cobb 400 breed to produce chicken meat is considered to be good.

Both of these breeds are capable of producing more production in all the states of our country at low cost in summer, cold and rainy season. Even on routine management, the death rate in these two breeds is lower.

BV 300 chickens begin to lay eggs after 18 weeks and give 374 eggs for 80 weeks. To feed 374 eggs (from 19 to 80 weeks) this chickens consumes a total of 46.6 kg feed and consumes 560 kg of foodgrains from the first day to 18 weeks.

Vencob 400 Broiler Breed is a great commercial Broiler Breed in the world. This breed gives excellent results in all parts of our country.

In summer, there is very low maternity in the breed, the farmer who is doing broiler farming on a large scale use Vencob 400 Broiler Breed. Vencob 400 Broiler Breed takes about 3 kg of food in 35 days and weighs up to 2 kg.

poultry shed

poultry shed

poultry sheds should always be made according to the scientific standard.

If you have made the poultry shed the wrong direction and wrong, then all the money will be wasted, and poultry birds will not be able to produce according to its ability,

In the wrongly made shade, the chicken  Deaths are also high.

Use the good quality shade link chain to protect poultry  birds from wild animals, dogs, and cats, etc

To keep the shed warm during the winter season and to keep the shed cool during the summer season, arrange coolers, fans, fogs and so on.

Make the shed at a little height, so that rain water does not get inside the shed.

poultry Feed management

If the poultry feed is not balanced, then the chicken will produce fewer eggs and diseases caused by nutrient deficiency and vitamin deficiencies will also occur disease like fatty liver syndrome, paralysis, dermatitis, rickets observed in chicken.

For the continuous egg laying of eggs, it is necessary to feed 2500 to 2650 kg of calories, according to the age and weight of the egg, the calories of the feed are fixed. 1 to 7 weeks of chicken feed of 2900 kilograms of calories, while adult Should be given a feed of 2800 kilograms of calories.

Moisture grains and feed-making ingredient (maize, Azolla etc.)  should never be more than 10-11% moisture.

If there is excessive moisture in maize, then it may be a fungus and using it in the fungus-rich feed will increase the amount of Aflatoxin in it, which will weaken the immunity of poultry. And the piggery will soon be caught by the disease.

It would be better to purchase poultry feed from the private company so that any feed related problem can be avoided. Uttara Feeds Company sells high-quality poultry feed in the country. Contact the company’s sales team to buy feeds.

light Managment

The lights for the chicken are the most important thing. The eggs give commercial chicken required 16 hours light. And the chick necessary provides 12 hours of night light (Natural Light) to 24 hours. Light depends on the weather and the breed etc. and on this basis only light. For Broiler Breed generally, 24 hours light given. Yellow, red, and orange color light offers good results


poultry bird Vaccination

Vaccination plays an important role in the health management of the poultry flock. A  vaccine helps to boost the immune system of birds & prevent disease.

Give the vaccine on your farm time to time and follow the schedule from the company selling chicks.


 Water  for poultry

The most important thing is that always be given fresh and clean water to poultry chicken,  check water quality to get Good eggs from the farm take precaution and save them from the disease. Even the Keep testing the water from time to time.  If there is any problem in the water like E-Coli, salmonella bacteria water hardness, calcium and so on then correct it immediately.

There will be the best of all if water provided with the help of RO Plant there will be a lot of increase in the production and more eggs and water-related diseases will not arise. Cost for RO plant 3000 Liters/hour is around Rs 5-6 lakh.


Before starting a new batch, it is important to do cleaning according to the prescribed standards. all equipment and curtains should be clean well. Wash the shed well with water and clean the cleaning shade and equipment. Use disinfectant. Whitewash (lime) on shade pilar etc.Spray the disinfectant again afterward.

| If the floor of the shed is firm, then rinse it thoroughly with iron brushes and then clean it with its clean water and sprinkle it with 10% of the formalin solution. Dissolve 4 ml disinfectant in 1 liter of water and sprinkle well in 25 square feet.

If the floor of the shed is unfurnished, then remove the soil layer by 2 inches from the shed floor and place clean, fresh soil on the other farm at that place.


Accept bio-securities on the farm, meaning any person outside the farm Do not let it come.

As good as the bio-securities on your form, the lesser the chances of getting the disease.

Therefore, to maintain bio-security, make the footpath. Let all the workers, supervisors, doctors, bathing the visitor and wearing the clothes of the farm just enter the form.

Wild birds also break bio-securities and play a special role in spreading disease on the farm. So if the wild birds have lived on the trees on the farm, then eliminate them. |

To make good profits from their poultry farm, all poultrymen need to pay more significant attention to bio-securities. It is necessary to adopt scientific management at the form micro level, then going to the poultry farm can be expected good profits.

Important contact link for poultry businesses

Point to remember to start poultry farming

Before beginning the poultry farm, consult with the Poultry Expert, understand merit the demerits of poultry. Prepare planning to sell finished goods.

Talk to a doctor of technical service. Take the training and run a broiler farm under Poultry Expert supervision, if you wanted to do this work at a large level, then take a loan from the bank after making the project.

Take help from the technical doctor of the poultry company and the Agriculture Development Officer of the bank to do the project.

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