Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation in 2020

economic of dutch rose

Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation

Dutch rose is one of the important commercial cut flower crops in the Greenhouse. Dutch rose has high demand in the national & international market. Before start dutch rose farming in the greenhouse, We must be aware of Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation.

Export from India (2016-17)

  • Quantity: 0.03 Thousand MT
  • Value: 141.45 Lakh Rupees

( source: nhb.gov.in)

Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation


Dutch rose demand increase day by day, The demand for Dutch rose is high in this days.

  • Valentine day.
  • New year.
  • Christmas.
  • Marriage season.

Major Dutch rose Producing States/Districts in India:

  • West Bengal (Medinipur East, Medinipur West, Nadia, 24 Paraganas North  Howrah, etc.)
  • Karnataka (Bangalore Rural, Kolar, Bengaluru Urban, Chikballapur Ramanagara, etc.)
  • Gujarat (Bharuch, Vadodara, Kheda, Ahmadabad, Valsad, etc.)
  • Chhattisgarh (Korba, Bilaspur, Kondagaon, Raipur, Mungeli, etc.)

Dutch rose cultivated mostly for export purpose so that dutch rose grower can earn a decent amount of profit.

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Government promoting Dutch rose cultivation and giving subsidy approximate  30-80%   ( subsidy percentage depend upon which state you belong)

you can find all subsidy related details on National Horticulture Board  & National Horticulture mission

The initial investment for dutch rose cultivation is very high; bank provides agriculture loan.

bank lane dutch rose economicsThe initial investment required for 0.5 acres is around 23-25 lacs and time needed for break even in dutch rose farming is approximately 2.5  -3 years.

Dutch rose is the perennial crop that is lives more than two years. Expert dutch rose cultivator takes continue production around 8-12 years.

Economics of Dutch Rose Cultivation:

Area of Polyhouse2008 square/meter
Polyhouse ConstructionPolyhousas per NHB norms,
GI pipe structure & imported
plastic @ Rs. 750 / per Sq. mtr.
Irrigation SystemDrip Irrigation system for plants
.Misting system, Fertigation,
unit,Water Filtration unit
Bed PreparationBed prepared
with Red Soil, Rice Husk,
FYM, Sand, etc.
PlantsPlant Density:,7.5 plants / Sq. Mtr.
totall Plants: 15,060 Nos
Cost of one Plant: Rs. 12 / plant
Total Investment2,094,720
Working Capital
Electricity3.0 unit/day50,000
Water requirementApproximate per year50,000
FertilizersWater Soluble Fertilizers60,000
Labour3- 4 labours per day250,000
Crop ProtectionSpraying60,000
Packing Material,
Transport, Sales
Packing material and
MiscellaneousMaintenance, Depreciation226,800
Returns Per Year
Yield / Plant / Year30451,800
Price per Flower in Rs.33
Total ReturnsPer Year1,355,400
Cost of CultivationPer Year816,800
Net ReturnPer Year538,600

Disclaimer: (The above calculations are indicative only.)

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Dutch rose demand increase upward while studying Economics of Dutch Rose cultivation we can surely say Dutch rose cultivation is a good option for a farmer, be able to earn approximately 40,000-45,000₹ per month.

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